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  • Mirkao

    _You'd think Ruse lonely, as I once did, but I assure you she is not. These artifacts whisper to her, because only she can hear them._

  • Scrollbearer Cavernhold

    _Drifters 'ave their murmuring, skeiners have the might of the queen's guard, but far outside of Illverness the Chancellor of Slivers entrusts me with the duty of transit. From Voxinguard to Vadlum Gates and back, can a broob like you handle The Wallows?_

  • Ouria

    _Careless mourners aren't always sent to be claxed, if I deem them blozem, I cut them from their forms and leave them to drift in The Great Unconciousness. They will be awoken when their rebellious tendencies can be put to good use._

  • Laquek

    _Goliad! Don't you want a real fight?! You two, run! I got this!_

  • Ikra

    _To take in the wonders that have been audience to Death himself and Death only, it's an honer._

  • Yakruss

    _The laws enforced upon mourners are not quite as simple as the ones you knew in the mortal realm._

  • Fillian

    _One day we will fight. And on that day, remember, charge forward. You'll die a legend or live a hero._

  • Hazro

    _Here death is just a temporary inconvenience, the colonel will fish me out of the unconsciousness when he needs me again._

  • Koulag

    _Voxxingard is such a beautiful feat of osteomantling, I'm here in search of inspiration_.

  • Hillarous

    _I choose to dine with the glutton for the good of all who dwell in The Underworld._

  • Zavier

    _It is down to The Guild of Rakers to oversee the accumulation, cataloging and distribution of artifacts that fall through the veil into our realm._

  • Fiate

    _There is nothing more true then the path of bone, for bone is structure._

  • Livinion

    _There is much to be learned from even the smallest scrap of writing or refuse that sifts through The Veil._

  • Relic Artimus

    _Someday Death will call upon the unconsciousness, until that day I keep watch._

  • Dyran

    _Trinkets that fall through the veil cannot compare to the masterworks made in realm._

  • Vierarch

    _I have no intention of falling to that abomination. I will stay here in peace._

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