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  • General Heranica

    _The Queen of the Dead created me with extra purpose, I am not only her guard, I am her accessory. She gifted me with beauty worthy of being at her side._

  • Yierianote

    _A true masterpiece takes an artist to their last breath. As I fell through the veil I remember all I could think of was my work. Had I truly done all I could? Was I finished? Thinking on it saddens me. But now, with this eternity, the things I will …

  • Tweox

    _So many lives lived, I don't quite recall. Was I born? Have I lived? I don't quite recall. I've lived so many lives... have I lived? I haven't been alive long. Was I born? If I have lived, then I was born, but I have not lived. I was not born, these …

  • Gyronica

    _I serve the arbiter and in that I serve all The Underworld. To soothe the Forge is an honer I hold dear._

  • Vinacryna

    I was there; The Blight Purge, The Sanguine Heresy, I defended those gates when they were mere fantasy. The Colonnade was never meant to be my resting place.

  • Iyro

    _Transition through the Veil of Shadows is a difficult experience, there is nothing to be ashamed of, I see people like you everyday._

  • Villarny

    _Do you see the stars. Above. Way up there. They are a constant reminder of how lucky I truly am._

  • Byra

    _This alltaker you speak of has condemned me. I did not ask to be "saved"._

  • Tyr

    _Hello there boy! Sit down, take in the show._

  • Anair

    _Heretic indeed! Ludicrous, absolutely ludicrous!_

  • Swella

    _I have not given myself up to the seductive hunger, yet still I embrace the swell of emotion it brings._

  • Quina

    _Death alone may call upon Severamm, I wait for the day he does._

  • Chrono

    _When you occupied the mortal plane you danced to a relentless ticking, in this afterlife we dare to mock time._

  • Clara

    _Remember me? I remember you, you were a tough one._

  • Nion

    _Perhaps if I am feeling kind you will leave here in one piece._

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