Kharos Dreamshredder



Level 15

Agility: 9 (3d10)
Fortitude: 8 (3d8)
Might: 5 (2d6)

Learning: 2 (1d6)
Logic: 1 (1d4)
Perception: 4 (1d10)
Will: 3 (1d8)

Deception: 1 (1d4)
Persuasion: 2 (1d6)
Presence: 9 (3d10)

Toughness: 24
Guard: 27
Resolve: 22
Hit Points: 50

Speed: 45’

Attack Specialization VII (The Extinguisher)
Bane Focus (Demoralize)
Brutal Intimidation
Combat Follow-Through
Combat Momentum
Evasive Footwork
Fleet of Foot III
Lightning Reflexes II
Natural Defense

Important Equipment
The Extinguisher: Precise, Swift, Reach, Deadly III, Unfailing, Slaying (Heavenly Celestial)

Perks: Ageless, Silver Tongue
Flaws: Honest, Overt


Stories told of a dark land, mere shadows of the great war, filled with slaves and workmen. At first sight, perhaps, but look closer and you see a sleeping legion stirring.

Kharos Dreamshredder

Court of the Dead Ghoulcaller