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  • Chisisi

    _My lady, despite your obvious necromantic talents, your position at the court remains ill-defined; you remain distrusted. With our input taken into consideration The Great Drifter has been announced a heretic and claxed. Yet still there are others that …

  • Javic

    _I'm just a distant clawface now. But a lash o' mine 'ill ginve ye'._

  • Nyphanie

    _Some think me Angel, some Demon. Nothing so special. If I could travel realms you wouldn't find me here. I'm spirtborn like all Death's children, his glimmer angel, before the sword stole my daddy. Claxed before the Underworld could see his failure._

  • Rashidi

    _The Touch of Death does not wish for me to hold my place in your court my lady. I cannot fight his power nor his influence, so I must ask, what now?_

  • Setiua

    _To the forge? You are certain? Very well, we mist._

  • Piorn

    _Observation; the bloodthroned is stirring. Conclusion; ginve. Proceed?_

  • Rechiana

    _Did you know Cryptus Akohr feels pain? Constant. Unending. Pain. Ha. Haha. HAHAHAHAHA!_

  • Girony

    _Gethsemoni my lovely! How long has it been? My dear you must visit more often, the commonplace hasn't seen you since the incident with The Shadeweaver. Oh my, what have you done with yourself? You were a cellandr if ever I'd seen one, my my this won't do …

  • Ban

    _Pish for the fanged, fireblack water for the skullits. Come to Mortis Keep, the best joint in Illverness._

  • Lt. Dirkmound

    _Lt. Dirkmound of the 5th regiment marm! How might I help you on this wonderful day?_

  • Zula

    _The work done at Stitch Coven should never have been approved by the throne. I should never have been allowed to live._

  • Rythathon

    _In life you gave yourself to your cause. You have a new purpose now._

  • Tothi

    _The Eater of the Dead holds a court of her own._

  • Jezirah

    _You better appreciate what I've done for you. Without me you would've taken a longtrip._

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